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Waxing is a semi-permanent form of hair removal that pulls out the entire hair from the follicle. Warm wax is applied to the skin, adhering to the hair, and is then quickly removed, leaving your skin feeling softer and smoother. Over time, when done consistently, waxing reduces the amount of hair that grows back, making it finer and softer.

To get the most out of your wax, the following should be avoided. Seriously.

  • Sun/Heat- no tanning (in a bed or in the sun), hot tubs, saunas, hot showers, hot yoga…Please, if hot precedes it, just don’t do it. A warm, reasonably temperature shower is fine after a wax, encouraged even, just use a gentle, mild cleanser to remove any remaining residue left behind from waxing.

  • Sun Warning!! Yes, even in the Windy City these rules still apply. If you are going on vacation and plan on laying out in the sun, or you just got back from one, we strongly advise planning your wax at least 48 hours before going or when you come back. Also, please do no underestimate the power of or gawk at the thought of using sunscreen. Your skin will thank us later;)

  • Friction- no running, jogging, cycling, hiking, canoodling, tight clothing, etc.

  • Products- no oils, creams, lotions, or fragrances/perfumes immediately after the service. Give your skin some time to recover.

  • If you are using any product containing Retinol, Retin-A, AHA/BHA, we recommend that you stop using it 3 days prior to and after waxing

  • Absolutely no use of Accutane for a minimum of 6 months!

Your wax should last for at least 4 to 6 weeks. The more you get waxed, the less angry and irritated your skin becomes!



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