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Waxing in the Wintertime

As temperatures continue to get cooler, some of us might be less consistent with our waxing routines. Waxing is just as important during the winter as it is during warmer months? You should have a consistent waxing cycle all year-round, despite the cold weather.

Waxing during the winter is actually a prime time to wax! There are many benefits, especially for those new to waxing. Just because it’s cold outside doesn't mean the hair has magically stopped growing on our bodies.

There are lots of opportunities for you to show off your skin in the winter…


  • There are usually lots of parties during the Winter months and often these parties are inside a warm home. Shorter dresses will still reveal your legs and any hair left on them!

  • Bikinis and swimsuits aren't out, either! Hairless bodies are necessary if you still want to pull your swimsuit off in the winter when you’re going on vacation.

  • Maybe other parts of your body stay wrapped up during winter, but what about your face? No one wants bushy winter eyebrows or a mustache! Waxing those regularly, even in the winter months, should still be a regular part of your routine.

If you're new to waxing and looking for a way to ease into the process, winter is a great time!

In the beginning, waxing can give some discomfort. Initially, your body may react to waxing in different ways. Sometimes after waxing, you may experience excessive redness, bumps, or even pimples. Allowing your body time to adjust and heal up will ensure much more flawless results as you continue on your waxing journey.

In the winter months, you show your skin off a lot less. So, use the winter months as an opportunity to go through the transitional beginning phases of waxing. The more you continue to wax regularly, the better your body will respond, and you'll find yourself with the best results. After those initial few months you'll be hooked!

All in all, hair removal isn't left just for one particular season. Even in what some people consider "off" months, ahem- the winter, waxing is just as important!

If you are a waxing regular, continuing your waxing services throughout the winter is vital to keeping those flawless results you are already achieving. Plus, you still want to always be ready to show off that clean bikini line in your swimsuit when you head to the hot tub!

If you're contemplating jumping on the waxing bandwagon, the winter months are the perfect opportunity to begin.

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